Welcome @MichiganStateU Class of 2022!

Welcome @MichiganStateU Class of 2022! Thank you to Justice Sotomayor for reminding us all: 1) to make meaningful connections, 2) share knowledge, and 3) act for the good of others. @BerondaM @Ron_Hendrick @PrabuDavid #SpartanDeans #LessonsFromPlants #MSUCAL #MSU

Working through the Administrator and Faculty Toolkit to Recognize and Understand Effective Teaching and Learning – @MSUHub @CANRatMSU @CALMSU @HuMetricsHSS

This morning we held the second workshop to refine the Administrator and Faculty Toolkit designed to help us more effectively recognize and value effective teaching and learning at MSU.

This important initiative is designed to provide a framework to better support and evaluate teaching and learning as a core value of Michigan State University. It was fascinating and heartening to have artists, scientists, and humanists talking about the importance of effective teaching to the educational mission of the University.

One powerful dimension of the toolkit is its emphasis on reflective practice. We spent good amount of time this morning talking about how faculty are putting their pedagogical commitments into concrete practice in their syllabi.

(This connects to the work of the HuMetricsHSS team on how core values are embodied in syllabi.)

Lunch with @jsalem75

Great to have lunch today with #MSU University Librarian @jsalem75 to talk about new collaborations between the @msulibraries and @CALMSU. Following up on exciting opportunities to work with @KFitz, @kmapesy, @schopie1, and #MSUDH.

Mapping Values to Practices at the #MSUCAL Deans Retreat @thinkspacelab

We spent the day at Thinkspace Lab focusing on core values and holding each of our priority initiatives accountable to the values we identified.

We look forward to a similar activity at our Chairs Retreat in September.

I am grateful to have creative and conscientious colleagues committed to performative consistency — putting the values for which we advocate into practice in the initiatives we undertake.